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Water Tight Urns, offer loved ones strength and peace of mind with cherished quality. ForeverSafe™ Water Tight Urns are carefully manufactured in the United States, of materials entirely produced in the United States, allowing ForeverSafe Water Tight Urns to proudly proclaim "Made in America."

The ForeverSafe Round & Rectangle Water Tight Urns offer stong silhouette finishes with very classic designs. The flat surfaces displayed on the water tight rectangle urns display the beauty of the finish and beautiful proprietary custom colors. The security on the inside is represented by the vault like shape. No need to fear anything getting in or out thanks to the molded in brass inserts, ForeverSafe™ anodized aluminum plates, neoprene gasket and stainless steel security screws. ForeverSafe™ Burial Urns are water tight and able to be buried without the need of an additional container. With ForeverSafe™ Water Tight Urns, you know that your loved ones resting place is safe and secure.

Water Tight ForeverSafe Rectangle Urns
Water Tight ForeverSafe Rectangle Urns

Rectangle and Round Urns available in all 8 colors

Rectangle Antique Rectangle Urn and Vase
Antique Rectangle Urn and Antique Vase

Water Tight Burial Urn Dimensions

  • 10" (height) x 10" (diameter)- Round Burial Urn
  • 8" (height) x 11" (width) x 8" (depth)- Rectangle Burial Urn
  • Water Tight Video Testing

    See the ForeverSafe™ Burial Urn display its airtight/watertight sealing properties that protects against flooding and other problems.

    Water Tight Burial Urn Information

    For more information on the ForeverSafe™ Water Tight Burial Urns:

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